Package Promotions & Discounts

With wedding season here and upon us, we at Diamond in the Rough wanted to reach out to those couples who still feel uncertain when planning their wedding day. We know this last year has come with all sorts of struggles; jobs and finances being hit harder than in years past.

We came up with these Diamond Discounts in hopes to help alleviate some of the pressure you, our couples may be facing! 


2021 Diamond Discounts:

Weekday 1 Day Event: 60% Off

Weekday 2 Day Event: 50% Off

Weekend 1 Day Event: 40% Off

Weekend 2 Day Event: 30% Off

Weekend 3 Day Event: 20% Off

Intimate Event: 10% Off

All packages are + tax


Diamond Details:

All discounted events must take place within 90 days of booking. This means book now and secure this discount for any 2021 event!

We hope this helps, from our hearts to yours! Happy planning;  as it was always meant to be!